HeartbeatOdyssey Blockbuster Launch: Real-Life Short Drama Love Game Defining the Future of GameFi?.


Singapore, Singapore Jun 12, 2024 ( - The sense of immersion in the game determines user engagement and project value, which is a long-standing topic in the industry. With the maturity of AI technology today, integrating emotional interaction and fun gameplay into the gaming experience is a powerful tool to infinitely enhance immersion.

In November 2023, a real-life simulated dating game called Love is all around! (hereinafter referred to as Love Around) was launched on Steam and quickly rose to fourth place globally, with short-term sales exceeding one million, becoming a new myth in the gaming industry. However, Love Around is essentially a Web2 game and cannot meet the decentralized operation mode of the gaming circle, the high liquidity of game assets, the flexibility of interaction methods, and the demand for players to lead the construction of the game ecosystem. Against this background, the first real-life short drama dating game in Web3, Heartbeat Odyssey, based on the Mantle chain and funded by HashKey Capital, was born. 

The First Truly Real-Life Short Drama Dating Game in the Web3 World, Hitting Players Aha moment 
Heartbeat Odyssey is a plot-interactive game filmed from the first-person perspective of a male, where players can choose different female characters as their girlfriends and enjoy the spiritual pleasure unattainable in the real world.

Because it thoroughly hits the psychological needs of men, satisfying the fantasies that ordinary men cannot realize in the real world through the games plot and scenes. Male users can manually DIY the plot direction and choose the cast. When players immerse themselves in the gaming experience, their physical and spiritual aha moment can be ignited by the game at any time, allowing male players to indulge in the feeling of becoming a big good looking rich guy

So, what significant improvements does the Web3 version of the real-life short drama dating game Heartbeat Odyssey have compared to Love Around?

First, Heartbeat Odyssey fully leverages the attributes of Web3 (P2E, play-to-earn), meaning players can earn rewards by participating in the game and contributing traffic. This contribution is converted into corresponding hash values, which can be rewarded in the future. These rewards will become more scarce and valuable as the number of players increases. In summary, players can earn money while enjoying spiritual pleasure.Heartbeat Odyssey touches users emotions in more detailed ways, and on this basis, users can receive multiple surprises from value gains. For example, its plot is more diverse and rich, with higher permissions for players to automatically participate in plot design, thus obtaining a more realistic and comprehensive dating experience;

All in-game props have NFT asset attributes and more detailed functions. Different star ratings and affection values correspond to more exciting plots and characters. Players will experience romantic relationships with various goddesses as they unlock props and pass levels, enjoying emotional highs while enriching their asset reserves. These assets can unlock more advanced functions, keeping players immersed in a more precious virtual love world;

The asset attributes of characters are also fully displayed in the game. The girlfriend roles selectable by players can be converted into shares in the game. Players can recommend or share these girlfriend roles with other users to receive corresponding rewards, thus achieving an ecological explosion of the game.

Finally, Heartbeat Odyssey maximizes the DAO attributes of Web3 games, where players truly decide the games plot settings and the selection of heartthrob female leads in the protagonists role and attitude. The on-chain voting event held from June 6 to 21 is a pioneering initiative in the Web3 gaming world.

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Voting to Decide the Lead, Choose Your Girlfriend, Get Airdrops, and Rewards: A New Way to Launch Web3 Games 

Heartbeat Odyssey uses real actors to shoot the game, aiming to create the most realistic scenes and experiences for players. To fully satisfy players fantasies about their heartthrob girlfriends, the game entrusts the decision of selecting actresses to all players, which is also a great experiment in DAO organization management. 

On June 6, the voting event for female leads on the Mantle chain officially began. This event will select 3 out of 18 beautiful actresses (6 of whom are KOLs in the Web3 world) to play the 3 female leads in the game. It is reported that the characters of these 3 female leads are as follows:

1. Yvonne: The campus queen of Qinghe Dance Academy, a sophomore majoring in modern dance, widely loved for her sweet appearance and passionate dance talent; 

2. Alin: General Manager of Yushan Investment Group, smart and decisive, stands out in business competition, and is deeply loved by the audience for her excellent leadership and personal charm; 

3. Anne: An independent actress full of passion and dreams, who overcomes numerous difficulties in pursuing her acting career, demonstrating tenacity and determination.

Of course, for players familiar with the Web3 industry environment, selecting winners from the 6 KOLs may be the most interesting. Here are brief introductions of these 6 KOLs:

1. Luckybb: A motivational girl in the Web3 world who loves to showcase her figure and can be both sweet and spicy, passionate about sharing wealth secrets with fans. If she becomes an actress in the game, she will definitely be the protagonists capable assistant on the road to growth; 

2. Candy: Pure in appearance but sexy in figure, with a strong visual contrast. She directly curses when the market fluctuates regardless of her ladylike image. Under her girl-next-door appearance lies the heart of a knowledgeable elder sister. If selected, she will bring great mental pleasure and visual enjoyment to countless homeboys in the game; 

3. Youkexin (Isadora): A typical image of a desirous woman in the Web3 world, she discusses large-scale topics with fans without any reservations but is conservative and devoted at heart. In the game, she will definitely be an unattainable yet eternally captivating presence for the protagonist, and once conquered, she will be extremely fond, making every day highly stimulating;

4.Amanda: A beauty with slender and bony long legs, with a standard models body and a Lolita face, capable of instantly capturing a group of game players. She seems cold but is very considerate of her boyfriends emotions and daily details; 

5. Krystal: Full of a domineering elder sisters vibe, often making professional comments on the Web3 market and gaining many followers. She has a maturity far beyond her peers, honed in the fierce market. Beneath her stunning appearance and elegant temperament lies a heart eager to find her true soulmate; 

6.Xizi: A rare pure love warrior in the Web3 world, willing to give up hundredfold coins and any opportunity to get rich for true love. She hopes to be selected as a game character and embark on a mutually exclusive love journey with players. In addition to the joy of role integration, this voting event also provides users with tangible incentives and rewards:

Gas Fee Reimbursement for Voting: Every on-chain interactive address participating in the vote will receive a gas fee reimbursement of 0.05 MNT;

Mining Through Participation: In addition to voting, active participation in Twitter retweets and other behaviors can be considered as contributions to the platform, thus becoming proof of airdrops in the future and receiving game token rewards;

A New Way to Launch Games: Players vote to select roles and act out plots, a new way to launch games in the Web3 gaming world. After tis event, with the surge in the number of players, the game will also launch more surprising reward activities, constantly raising players expectations of the game. 

The First Game Is Just the Beginning, More Interactive and Fun Real-Life Emotional Games Will Continue to Emerge
As the first truly real-life short drama dating game in the Web3 world, Heartbeat Odyssey naturally comes with heat and traffic at its debut, but what exceeds expectations is that this is only the first season game launched by HBO Studio. The game encourages users to propose specific opinions on game mechanism settings and makes modifications and optimizations based on market feedback. Each future season of the game will be more sophisticated in production standards, more textured in plot design, richer in actor performance, and more lucrative in user earnings. In the process of fully interacting with millions of players worldwide, HBO Studio will become a model of Web3 game DAO organizations, with more disruptive games hitting players emotions and souls.

The Heartbeat Odyssey game will be launched in Q3 2024, and players can pre-purchase the limited 99 Genesis NFT Pass cards while participating in the vote to efficiently start the gold-farming experience in the game, striving for a good start to the on-chain gaming emotional journey.

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