Two new Books: Financial Accounting Get it Straight and Accounting Essentials Get it Straight.

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New York City, New York Jun 19, 2024 ( - The book is 80% Question and Answer format. The accounting section covers a short history of accounting, definitions, principles, cash/accrual, debits and credits. Transactions begin with capitalizing a fictious  company to the financial statements including dedicated chapters such as depreciation, The 3Qs: The quality of the reports depend on the quality of the input and the quality of the management of the input

This edition, introduces, (doesnt replace legal counsel) Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks, trade secrets and the IRS audit procedures and IRS debt relief programs.

Introducing the Essentials of Basic Accounting Get it Straight is 80 pages. (small business owners management, students, entrepreneurs needing a straight to the point to the essentials. Students benefit from an overview accounting before tackling the 500 page text book eliminating their fear of accounting before the first accounting class covering the definitions to a mini financial statement ending with financial ratios. (References to both U.S. GAAP and the IFRS where applicable)  

Books are available on Amazon, Google and Apple Books. Contact the publisher directly for possible discounts at List Prices: Introducing the Essentials of Basic Accounting Get it Straight (Color) Paperback $23.00, Hardcover $38.00. Financial Accounting, Corporate Structure, US Bankruptcy, US IRS Debt Relief, IRS Audit, Copyright, Patents, Trademarks Trade Secrets Get it Straight Paperback $40.00,Hardcover $45.00

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