SkyStem’s Unearths High-Profile Corporate Fraud Cases in New E-book!.

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New York City, New York Apr 2, 2024 ( - SkyStem LLC, a leading provider of month-end close automation software, is excited to share the release of a new e-book profiling notable corporate fraud cases. From Bernie Madoff to the Enron scandal, these are the stories that you cant look away from. Corporate greed is all too common, and some of the greediest people and companies are the ones that are the best at hiding it, until they arent.

Much like studying history throughout our schooling years, it is crucial to reflect upon the history of the business world, particularly the cases of intense malfeasance. We must understand how these frauds were successful so that we can equip ourselves against them.

There are many best practices to combat fraud; implementing robust internal controls, transparency, effective oversight, and maintaining a strong ethical culture that promotes honesty and accountability will help companies protect themselves. But theres more! As technology becomes more integrated into our lives, especially in the workplace, it is important to be aware that automation is a powerful tool in the line of defense against fraud. Automated solutions, such as SkyStems ART, increase transparency, control risk management, strengthen internal controls, and help companies comply with regulatory requirements.

Dive in and enjoy these titillating corporate fraud stories!

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