'Playa bailando' by Ray Vissa Leaves the Audience Impressed With Charm.

Playa bailando

, Spain Feb 20, 2024 ( - Its unusual subject matter for a gritty, hip-hoppy beat that slinks along in a funky, snaky way. Then a gorgeous styled guitar snarks its way in the most deliberately stunning manner into the end section.  Its an intelligent decision, underlining the lyrical prowess with aplomb. A deft, tight rhythm section underpins the songs effortless drive.Now lets talk about the vocals. Ray Vissa is a one-off; an incredible blend of the ghosts of Billie Holiday, Amy Winehouse, and something far more snarly and scary, too. Equal parts volcanic rip and bruised, soulful delicacy, its a voice that comes screaming out of the traps from the clipped verses to the final shriek.Beginning with the delightfully organic and melodically entrancing Playa bailando, the band quickly ignites a sense of lyrical intention and prowess on this record, offering up an energy and poetic approach not unlike the hits of Fleetwood Mac or The Corrs managing to actually fall upon land something of their own. Great songwriting meets with natural, authentic musicianship and flawless performances effectively presenting a calming balance between soft-rock vibrancy and vocal smoothness and delicacy.

The soundtrack makes certain to bring all of this back to the forefront. A notably mellow and somewhat melancholic piece of music and performance, one that stands out for its calmer pace and the simple back and forth offered by the strum of that acoustic guitar. The vocals too, follow a more reflective pathway, meandering through these thoughts and moments in a tentative and appropriately gentle way. As was the case with his previous releases, there's a poetic depth to much of his writing that shines brightly in such a natural setting. In this case, the song's underlying concept is represented gorgeously not just by the lyrics, but by the colorful and optimistic nature of the music, and by the musician's own laid-back and genuinely content delivery.The track progresses with a mellow and likable groove, and flickers of instrumental prowess emerge just frequently enough to add a hint of swagger and confidence. Meanwhile, the voice evolves in a natural and seemingly effortless manner it meanders through this mildly familiar, comforting melody in a pure and soulful way.

The entire feel and fire of the song give off precisely the sentiments implied by the title. Ray Vissa's sound and style as an artist stand tall amidst this kind of writing and performance. The track Play bailando doesnt prompt you to consider genre or comparisons so much as it simply and honestly fills the room with good vibes and a clear connection to the moment. Several other tracks like 'Underneath the stars', 'What did I do wrong', and 'Te veo Bailar' are available on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, and YouTube. Follow the artist on Instagram.

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