OnDaMike With His New Album ‘Banging the Beats’ Is Here to Smash the Dance Floor.


New Port Richey, Florida Jul 8, 2024 ( - Hailing from North Central Florida, a new innovator of the bass music movement OnDaMike has been capturing hearts from all over the world. He has become an epitome of the bass music movement and his fans cant get enough of his craftsmanship. Although Electronic Dance Music is comparatively a new genre of music that is being explored by new artists the list of artists engaged with this genre already holds a wide range from world-famous iconic DJs to upcoming rising stars. Like them, this iconic artist is being considered a force to be reckoned with due to his mesmerizing tracks and impeccable production skills.  

The rising DJ has released his latest album Banging the Beats is actually a smashing hit when it comes to EDM tracks. The album consists of two new tracks one titled Acid Funk and the other has the same name as the album. Both of these tracks are made for dancing and it is impossible not to on these ones. The culture of EDM is recently getting a newfound hype from the rather younger generation which is giving birth to a lot of amateur artists but only a few are able to reach the top. OnDaMikes fans are very much positive about their favorite DJs journey to the top as they have shown in the comments of his new and previous tracks. The album might be so far the best creation of the artist according to his fans.

Since 1992, the music producer has been performing as a DJ in local pubs and bars but this has pushed him to the height of fame where he has also performed in bigger pubs and international festivals. The experience that he had gained through his DJing years is masterfully encapsulated in his tracks which gives them a personality of their own. The latest album Banging the Beats is now streaming on SoundCloud and the artist can be visited to get new updates through his social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, X, Spotify, YouTube, and his website.

Just go for this album 'Banging the Beats' by OnDaMike:

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