Italia Group | Piccolo's Enchanting Ace from Mumbai to Delhi - A Saga of Design, Delight, and Dazzle!.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat Jan 4, 2024 ( - Italia Group (, the House of Brands Palladio Premium Glass Mosaics Piccolo Mosaics, Veneto Recycled Glass Mosaics, Italia Glass Mosaics, and Grifine Ceramics. Where every design meets emotion, Italia Group redefines the very narrative of space.

The aceTECH' 23 exhibition served as our canvas, and we painted it with vibrant hues of creativity, leaving a trail of gasps and accolades from luminaries in the design world.

In the lively city of Mumbai, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre (NESCO), our Piccolo Mosaics booth stood tall, a testament to the fusion of innovation and glamour. Crafted from high-quality porcelain, our mosaic pieces spun tales of elegance and creativity. Veneto Recycled Glass Mosaics, with its eco-friendly allure, injected vitality into every space, embodying our commitment to sustainable opulence. Grifine Ceramics, boasting a modern ceramic tile range, redefined elegance with softened colors and a refined finish.

But the enchantment didn't stop there! Our captivating neon box display, courtesy of Veneto, cast its vibrant glow, captivating every onlooker. Unexpectedly, a quiet corner adorned with the resonant phrase "because every square foot tells a story..." transformed into the ultimate selfie haven, drawing crowds into its magnetic charm in the exhibition.

Business Head, Mr. Rishav Poddar, shared "Mumbai aceTECH'23 is more than an event; it's a dynamic exploration of industry connections and growth opportunities. Collaborating with both longstanding associates and new partners, each interaction fuels our collective progress. It's always a pleasure to join this immersive experience of innovation and collaborative advancement!"

As the echoes of Mumbai Exhibition's "Oohs" and "Wows" reverberate through the design cosmos, we carefully packed our design wonders, preparing to unfold the magic at Delhi's Pragati Maidan, grand passage Italia Group, with its trio of brands Piccolo Mosaics, Veneto Recycled Glass Mosaics, and Grifine Ceramics was poised to dazzle once again. The whimsical play wall, our DIY corner that allowed attendees, including esteemed figures like Sonali Bhagwati, President/Architect at DPA, Nikhil Hawelia from Hawelia Builders, the entire team of Omexe Builders, and Manoj Ramsisaria from ABA Corp, to craft their mosaic designs and the resonant words were all set to redefine the narrative for every space.

"For the first time, we participated in the Delhi exhibition. Our aceTECH 2023 event in Delhi was a huge success!" says our Business Head, Mr. Nishant Poddar expressing his happiness with the positive response from the design-savvy crowd. "Our innovative designs were a perfect match for the city's vibrant energy, resulting in a creative blend that left a lasting impression on every visitor" he added. We didn't just showcase our products - we made a serious impact on the audience and left them with a memorable experience.

As we bid adieu to aceTECH'23, Italia Group extends heartfelt gratitude to all who joined us in this exhilarating adventure. Stay tuned for more tales and surprises as we persist in pushing the boundaries of creativity in the dynamic world of architecture and design.

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About Piccolo:

Piccolo Mosaics, a heartbeat within Italia Group, transcends mosaics, crafting stories that dance through every space. Pushing the boundaries of creativity, Piccolo transforms the mundane into captivating tales.

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