Historic 1937 Boston Marathon 1st Place Medal Heads to Auction with an Unbelievable Backstory.

1937 Boston Marathon Medal

Montreal, Quebec Jul 5, 2024 ( - Historic 1937 Boston Marathon 1st Place Gold Medal Heads to Auction with an Unbelievable Backstory!

In a twist straight out of a Hollywood movie, a gold medal from the 1937 Boston Marathon, won by an underdog Canadian, will be the star attraction at the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association (RCNA) convention auction this July.

The medal, won by Walter Young, a relatively unknown runner from Verdun, Quebec., is more than just a piece of sports memorabilia. It embodies an incredible tale of determination and triumph against all odds. Young crossed the finish line in 2:33:20, besting the favored American runner John A. Kelley by over six minutes on an unseasonably hot April 19th, 1937.

But the race to victory began long before the starting line. Youngs journey to Boston was fraught with financial hardship. He and his coach arrived in Boston with only two dollars between them. Facing financial hardship, they had to pawn a cherished Waltham pocket watch that Young had won in a previous Marathon. This watch was not only a symbol of his earlier victories but also a necessary sacrifice to secure funds for their stay in Boston. After pawning it, they returned to Quebec, managed to gather more money, and then came back to Boston for the marathon.

In a remarkable twist, a Waltham pocket watch engraved with the initials W.Y. is included with the medal. This watch may be the same one they pawned, potentially adding an extraordinary layer of history and authenticity to the auction item.

Walter Youngs story is a cornerstone of marathon and Canadian sports history. Born on March 14, 1913, in Lime Ridge, Quebec, the long-distance runner and snowshoe racer spent most of his life in Verdun, where he also served as a firefighter. After his wife's passing in 1996, he moved to Mission, B.C., until he passed away in 2004 at age 91.

The Boston Marathon medal, listed as Lot 380, is one of over 1,700 numismatic treasures being auctioned from July 12-16 by The Canadian Numismatic Company (TCNC) at the RCNAs annual convention. 

The 1937 Boston Marathon occurred during a period of heightened international tension, with the threat of the Second World War looming large, says auctioneer Marc Verret. Despite these uncertain times, Youngs victory provided a sense of inspiration and hope to many.

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The medal, although not engraved with Youngs name, bears the date 1937 and the inscription 1st Prize on the back, perfectly matching the details of his triumphant win. Young later returned to the Boston Marathon in 1939, securing a bronze medal.

This auction promises not only to be a numismatic highlight but also a celebration of a remarkable athlete who epitomized the spirit of perseverance and victory against the odds.

For more details on the auction and to view the full catalog, visit the RCNA conventions official website or click here

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