E-Commerce 2.0: buywith Introduces One-to-One Live Shopping, Transforming Online Retail into Personalized Experiences.

buywith launches onetoone live shopping solution for ecommerce personalization

buywith's One-to-One Live Video Shopping brings human connection to online retail. Connect with brand experts for personalized shopping guidance, real-time recommendations, and hidden gems tailored to you— like a personal shopper in your pocket.

New York City, New York Jan 29, 2024 ( - Today, buywith launches a new era of ecommerce with its One-to-One Live Shopping solution. Powered by buywith's unique and patented next-gen co-browsing technology, the One-to-One solution connects you with passionate brand experts in just one click, for a personalized shopping journey - just like if you were to visit a brick-and-mortar store. Discover hidden gems, get instant product advice, and build meaningful connections with the brands you love - all from the comfort of your own home. 

buywith's revolutionary approach combines the convenience of online shopping with the intimate attention reminiscent of in-store experiences. Skip the crowded live streams and opt for VIP treatment with instant access to dedicated brand representatives. buywith's One-to-One Live Shopping connects consumers directly with a real human brand ambassador/a dedicated personal shopper who offers tailored guidance, real-time product recommendations, and assistance based on individual customer needs.

According to recent surveys, a staggering 67% of online shoppers yearn for a more personal touch in their digital shopping experience. buywith addresses this demand head-on, reintroducing the allure of one-on-one shopping with personalized interactions that resonate with the consumer on a deeper level while rekindling the magic of in-person shopping.

New Features:

  • Instant one-click connections: Customers can initiate live video sessions with a dedicated representative immediately for convenient, real-time consultations, or pre-book sessions for later.
  • Personalized shopping sessions: Shop directly on retailers' websites with your own influencer or brand ambassador, tailoring the session to your desired language, preferences, and product interests.
  • Add-to-cart and checkout ease: Add items directly to your cart during the session or have them waiting for you at the end for a quick and convenient checkout process.
  • Seamless cross-device experience (patented): Experts and users can join live sessions from different devices and locations without compromising the experience.

At the forefront of the live shopping revolution are Gen Z consumers, with a whopping 91% expressing a strong desire for personalized recommendations. buywith's One-to-One Live Shopping sessions perfectly align with this demand, creating a dynamic blend of community engagement and personalized shopping guidance--a sure recipe for success in the evolving landscape of retail.

"Shopping is more than just products," says Adi Ronen, CEO of buywith. "It's about expert advice, inspiration, experience, and a sense of community. With brand experts leading consumers through private, one-on-one live video shopping sessions, we're not only helping to cut through product clutter, we're reigniting the joy of shopping by giving you your shopper by your side, one engaging session at a time."

Especially impactful in luxury, beauty, home, children, and consumer electronics, personalized shopping has shown a remarkable 30% increase in sales and a 20% boost in average order values. buywith's One-to-One Live Shopping platform empowers brands to directly deliver expert product recommendations, conduct live demos, and offer tailored advice, fostering seamless personal shopping experiences and elevating customer service to unprecedented levels.

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"We're democratizing personal shopping," Ronen continues. "With buywith, anyone can access expert advice and build meaningful connections with brands they love. It's not just the future of shopping; it's the way shopping should have always been."

With its One-to-Many solution being trusted by industry leaders like Walmart, Ulta Beauty, Dyson, and Tupperware, buywith is already a prominent name in the Live Shopping and Video Commerce space. Leveraging this momentum, buywith is now expanding its offerings,  collaborating with both existing and new partners, to seamlessly usher them into the future of retail.

As we peer into the future, buywith isn't merely introducing a new solution--it is spearheading the future of retail. By seamlessly weaving advanced technology with the enduring need for human connection, buywith stands out as a leader in the e-commerce revolution. The groundwork laid by AI in the previous year sets the stage for a solution that marries AI with authentic human interaction, promising an unparalleled shopping experience for consumers and a transformative shift for the entire industry.

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